SUNGWOOTECH is passionate about delivering excellent service to customers.

Kitchen startup business consulting

Basing on our wealth of experience in this field, we support and share information to help startups to make their business plan in the kitchen to be real.

Importing and delivering products

Offering a one-stop service from importing to installing high-end kitchen equipment, kitchenware, and building materials from overseas.

Product installing and maintaining

Delivering maintenance services such as sustainable equipment management and refresher training of changed or updated contents of products.


Different service sectors are run by different department.


Product discovery and introduction

We discover and introduce various items of overseas high-end kitchen equipment and kitchenware to overseas brands which meet the users' needs.


Users/ maintenance training

Users get on-site training on how to use kitchen equipments with our professional engineers for free and maintenance service of additional equipment.


A/S center is available 24/7 all year round

A/S center is on stand by customer care professionals for repairing and replacing all products not only supplied by Sungwoo Tech but also other companies.


Different service sectors are run by different department.

Kitchen Equipment Team

Service in importing and offering diversity of kitchenware

Hamburger franchises stores, chicken/pizza franchises stores, family restaurants, beer and beverage companies, etc.

Kitchen Supplies Equipment Team

Service in importing and offering diversity of kitchenware

Franchise companies, institutional food service companies, schools, hotels, kitchen equipment companies, etc.

Construction Materials Team

Importing and supplying services of all building materials used for store inside and outside interior

All products used for the restaurant business activities such as furniture, floor tiles, interior items, LED lights, children's rides, etc.

Technical Team

User/maintenance training and maintenance services for additional kitchen equipment

Repair of products and replacement of parts supplied by other companies. (In the case of third-party products, there may or may not available in parts, so please check in advance)


Different service sectors are run by different department.


Inquiring and counseling

Meet consultants in your suitable way such as by phone, email or homepage, etc.


Estimate sending

Send the estimation as discussed.


Payment and ordering

Order products after estimation agreed and payment processed.


Import and customs clearance

Import and customs clearance of the product according to the order.


Product delivering and installing

Supply the products that have passed customs clearance and proceed with the installation at the place you want.


Fixed-term maintenance service

Maintenance service for free after installation based on a contract period.